ricotta and honey toast

this breakfast reminds me of my childhood.
my mom, “the mahm” (long before she was “the mahm“), made this often for my brother and me before we’d head off to school.
i made it this week for the first time in a long time and the taste was so familiar, so sweet.
also eating this splendid breakfast: the other she. the 14-month old she.
and she loved it. couldn’t shovel it in fast enough. (that kind of explains me too.)

ricotta & honey toast


4 slices whole grain bread

4 tbsp ricotta cheese

2 tsp honey

1 banana


put your oven on broil (about 500 degrees). arrange bread slices on a cookie sheet. spread each slice with 1 tbsp of ricotta. then drizzle on the honey, about 1/2 tsp for each slice. sprinkle on the cinnamon to taste.
broil for about 3-5 minutes (keep an eye on it – i took it out once i felt that the edges of the bread were getting pretty crispy.)

optional, but my favorite part: slice about 6-8 thin slices of banana and arrange on top of each slice of toast.

makes 4 slices (the perfect amount for me and the little she for breakfast.)

this also makes a wonderful toddler snack – packed with lots of healthy goodness.

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  1. patruth says:

    sweet aromatic memories!! great recipes Little Bit!


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