about she


who is”she”?

i’m lindsay. i hail from austin, texas, and currently live in the gorgeous ozarks of southwest missouri with my husband, 2 little girls, and a crazy boxer named hurley.

my kitchen weapon of choice
my spatulas – i have a bit of a collection. i could not live or cook without a good spatula.

who i cook for
my husband & my girls, our families when they’re in town, and all the friends i’m allowed to invite over.

favorite foods to cook
i am the creative-type so i like to cook when i can mess with it a bit. but ever since becoming pregnant with baby #2 i have had a crazy sweet tooth, so i really enjoying baking these days.

my happy place
my kitchen. these days, my oldest daughter loves to help me in the kitchen, so i am loving having someone in there creating with me. i am also happiest as i watch people i love enjoy the food i make, so dinner parties are a major happy place for me.
also: reading with my kiddos before bed or family lip-syncing performances and kitchen dance parties.

favorite foodie show
i could watch giada for hours, her and the lovely way she cracks her eggs. i am also a huge fan of guy fieri’s diners, drive-ins & dives… i would love to travel around the country and eat eat eat! and the best thing i ever ate… LOVE that show.

first thing i ever cooked for my husband
burrito pie (one of my all-time faves in my recipe arsenal). and he had fifths.

apron or no apron?
sometimes i get so excited to make something that i forget to put it on, but i have a super cute one that i got for christmas years ago from anthropologie.

favorite kitchen gadget
do my tongs count? and my whisk. i get really excited when i get to use my whisk.

what i listen to while i cook
most often it’s the beastie boys, anything from the 90s, marc broussard, or the beach boys – you know, something that makes me happy & energized. but when i bake, i put on the samples, amos lee, patty griffin, or esperanza spalding.

all of the recipes i post are recipes i have
tried | played with | created or adapted | loved
and have been dying to share with you.
this is my collection of my favorites…


12 thoughts on “about she

  1. audrey newberry said: “LOOOOOOVE the blog!! The strawberry pic is inviting and the pic of u licking the batter is very funny:) Can’t wait till u add more reciipes!!”

  2. Love your blog! How fun is this! You are amazing at what you can achieve all while being a great wife and mom. We need to cook more together! When we made cinnamon rolls long ago, I had no idea how much we shared the love of baking!

  3. I just found your site and I live in San Antonio but am originally from the Ozarks, between Springfield and Branson. Looking forward to following along with you!

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