about she

who is “she”?

i’m lindsay. i hail from austin, texas, and currently live on the west side with my husband and 2 little girls. i am a baylor university grad, an interior designer by day, and love to nerd out over local art and foodie spots in town on the weekends.

my kitchen weapon of choice
my spatulas – i have a bit of a collection. i could not live or cook without a good spatula.

favorite foods to cook
i am the creative-type so i like to cook when i can mess with it a bit. but ever since becoming pregnant with baby #2 (yes, like ages ago) i have had a crazy sweet tooth, so i really enjoying baking too.

my happy place
my kitchen. these days, my oldest daughter loves to help me in the kitchen, so i am loving having someone in there creating with me. i am also happiest as i watch people i love enjoy the food i make, so dinner parties are a major happy place for me.
also: reading with my kiddos before bed or family lip-syncing performances and kitchen dance parties.

favorite foodie show
i could watch giada for hours, her and the lovely way she cracks her eggs. i am also a huge fan of guy fieri’s diners, drive-ins & dives… and the best thing i ever ate! LOVE that show.

first thing i ever cooked for my husband
burrito pie (one of my all-time faves in my recipe arsenal). and he had fifths.

favorite kitchen gadget
do my tongs count? and my whisk. i get really excited when i get to use my whisk.

what i listen to while i cook
most often it’s the beastie boys, anything from the 90s, marc broussard, or the beach boys – you know, something that makes me happy & energized. but when i bake, i put on the samples, amos lee, patty griffin, or esperanza spalding.

all of the recipes i post are recipes i have
tried | played with | created or adapted | loved
and have been dying to share with you.
this is the collection of my favorites…



12 replies to “about she

  1. audrey newberry said: “LOOOOOOVE the blog!! The strawberry pic is inviting and the pic of u licking the batter is very funny:) Can’t wait till u add more reciipes!!”

  2. Love your blog! How fun is this! You are amazing at what you can achieve all while being a great wife and mom. We need to cook more together! When we made cinnamon rolls long ago, I had no idea how much we shared the love of baking!

  3. I just found your site and I live in San Antonio but am originally from the Ozarks, between Springfield and Branson. Looking forward to following along with you!

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