homemade ranch dressing

during the summer, my husband directs a family kamp. on saturday mornings, not many people are around and the pool is almost deserted. so we take the opportunity to crash the pool, bringing friends, floats, and snacks – trying to last as long as we can until the kids are all melting down for naps….

homemade caesar dressing (anchovy-free)

i am not a huge salad person. yeah, i know i’m a girl and so i should order salads all the time and think they’re awesome and be like “oh, all i want is a salad”. but honestly, i’d rather have a steak. and bring me some A1 sauce. but there are a few exceptions…

pear & blue cheese salad with champagne vinaigrette

this is such a refreshing summer salad and one that i crave often. maybe it’s the crisp pears. maybe it’s the creamy blue cheese. methinks it’s probably the sweet & tart champagne vinaigrette that marries so perfectly with everything. if possible, don’t substitute anything else for the champagne vinegar – it is so worth it….

asian vinaigrette with sesame oil + black pepper

this weekend, i made this dressing because i was in serious need of change from the regular dressing stock in our fridge. and, i need to confess, it was because we had no fresh garlic and no fresh herbs – things you uuusually need to make a fresh vinaigrette. so i grabbed my trusty dressing…