a few football season favorites

she likes to eat - a few football season favorites

sometimes i consider myself more of a basketball girl ever since i married a hoops guy, but when football season rolls around – COLLEGE football season, of course – i get super excited. i love the change in weather, the dinner parties we host to watch games, and most of all, the comforting foods. fall brings thoughts of shiny pumpkins and squash, sweet potato pies, and the finger foods and warm, creamy dips for cozying up at home on game nights. since all these glorious thoughts have been swirling around my head lately, i thought i would share them with you, with a collection of my fall favorites from she likes to eat.

spicy pinto bean dip

asian turkey meatballs with soy-ginger dipping sauce

dalreach house sandwiches - she likes to eat
dalreach house sandwiches (perfect for sunday afternoons in front of the tv)

Tex-Mex sloppy Joe_DSC3228
tex-mex sloppy joes

hoosier daddy chili

pulled bbq chicken sandwiches

chewy chocolate spiced molasses cookies

spiced pumpkin baked french toast

spiced molten chocolate cakes

and just because it’s one of my favorites, kahlua cake.

happy football season to you and yours, and happy eating..

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