what my mother says

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a little maternal insight behind she…
Has she always been a good cook?
Well, that’s a mixed bag.
She wasn’t good or bad, she just wasn’t one!
I grew up learning to cook (and was pretty decent by 8 years old) and so I naturally thought MY daughter would love to learn the wisdom of my years in the kitchen. But nope, totally UNinterested, not even in a boxed mix!
Where had I gone wrong?
Then one day, after she was about out of college, she whipped up some brownies and I was a bit shocked and asked her where she learned that and she said, “I watched you.”
Huge moment in this mother’s life!
After she got married, I think that’s when things kicked in for her – trying to cook for a man who was a little on the meat and potatoes side. She probably called me every single day for a year asking for food tips and how to’s. Goodness. Then, the calls stopped. She didn’t NEED me to be her Julia Child anymore.
Actually, that just made me smile. I loved it. My little girl DID learn how to cook and SO well.
Now this girl/daughter/wife/mom is a better cook/foodie than her mom. 

                          -the she’s mom and the little she’s grandma (also known as “yaya” and The Mahm)

blog author’s note:
that last line is definitely not true..
but now you know where i get it from:)


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